Rethinking MTV for Gen Z's first screen.

projectmtv app
roleproduct Design Director
This project was really an exercise in ‘Chumbawambaism’ (getting knocked down, but getting up again and never being kept down), while staying zen and keeping forward momentum as the business, the brand, the strategy, the technology platform and the team were all in flux.

There were 3 main phases: 1. A multimedia app, one place to experience all MTV has to offer, from shows, to news, to pop-culture social randomness. 2. A clips focused video app, with an emphasis on daily curation of fresh quick hits. 3. A show focused video app, with personalization brought to the forefront.

Although there was a lot of love for the 1st phase—I even managed agency relationships during this phase for an RFP to blow out the app’s Express & Share features—the 3rd phase is what was shipped. And after a year and a half journey with this project, shipping it felt pretty damn good.